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TRACK releases follow a predefined schedule and undergo internal QA testing and signoff prior to deployment in customer environments. *The planned bi-monthly release will occur during the Saturday maintenance window which is 6pm - 12am CST according to the schedule below.  MCi will notify customers reasonably in advance of any deviations to this schedule. 


Release Dev  QA Prod
February+ February 3rd February 3rd February 17th
April+ March 21st Mar 28th April 13th
June May 20th May 23rd June 8th
August+ July 20th July 27th August 10th
October+ September 21st September 28th October 12th
December November 18th November 30th December 14th


+These releases are targeted to have enhancements at this time. MCi reserves the right to include enhancements in any release as needed.  Customers will be made aware of enhancements before they are released into the Production environment. 


*MCi may have unplanned releases (hotfixes) that are critical to addressing customer(s) issues and cannot wait until a bi-monthly release. These release notes will be made available on the CSSS for customers to view. If enhancements are included in a hotfix, which could happen on an exception basis, they will be called out in the release notification. 

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