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Annually, MCi's SSL certificates will expire.  This could potentially affect customer's interfaces (e.g., Access Control Systems, ERP, etc.) unable to connect or validate MCi authoritative certificates.  MCi issues new certificates that may be required to update in the customer environments.


2024 Update Schedule:

Certificate Provided to Customers via email and download below

February 13, 2024

Certificates deployed to Customer DEV/QA Environment for Testing

February 20, 2024 12:00 PM CST

Certificates deployed to Customer PROD Environment

March 12, 2024 12:00 PM CST


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is this about?

MCi uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to communicate to web users that the applications and web services connections used by our customers are safe and secure. SSL certificates are purchased for a defined period and provided, as requested and required, to our customers.

MCI uses two types of SSL certificates:

  • ‘Wildcard’ certificate to access the applications (Track, Track Admin, Forecaster, etc.,) ACS (Lenel, CCure, etc.,) and/or ERP (SAP, Maximo, etc.) web services. These certificates may or may not be deployed on the customer side.
  • ‘INT’ certificate for the interface servers. These certificates are typically deployed on the customer side and may need to be updated into the customer integration middleware software.


I am a business user. Who should address this?

Your IT department typically manages the server environments.


Does this apply to our environment?

Not all MCi Customers are affected. See the appendix below to determine the possible location of installed certificates on the local server. If there are currently installed certificates, then your IT department will need to apply the updated certificates.

Please be aware that if your middleware is using the Track certificate, it will also require an update during the
timeframe provided by MCi. 


Where do I get the new certificates?

The certificates are available for download in the Customer Support and Self-Help System (CSSS) knowledge base and will be distributed for testing in the Customer DEV & Customer QA environments at renewal time.


Where may I find additional information on updating certificates?

Please refer "Certificate Update Instruction" below in the Appendix. Note that your server configuration could be different.


When should I apply the updated certificates?

For your DEV & Customer QA environments, the updated certificate should be deployed during the testing window as communicated during the renewal timeline. For your Production Track environment, the updated certificates should be deployed as defined by the renewal timeline. Please coordinate these times to ensure systems will communicate correctly.


Whom do I contact for more information?

If you have any questions, place create a ticket via the CSSS by clicking on Track Help center (?) in the Track Application. To request access to “Submit a request” option in the CSSS, please send an email to AccessToCSSS@MCCorp.com.



Certificate Update – for local servers

  • Accessed via MMC
  • Start > Run > MMC


  • Add new certificates by using import wizard
  • Right-click Certificates > All Tasks > Import


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