MCi Customer Support and Self-Help System (CSSS): How to Access the CSSS During a TRACK Outage

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While TRACK outages do not occur often, this Quick Reference Guide provides the steps to log in and access the  MCi Customer Support and Self-Help System (CSSS). In the event of an outage, users will first need to open their browser and create a new password before submitting a ticket.

The CSSS is integrated with the TRACK application, and users may typically access the CSSS by clicking on the Help icon 13_MCi_CSSS_HelpIcon_IntroParagraph.png in TRACK. However, users will not be able to access the CSSS in the event of a TRACK outage and may access the site by signing in without single sign-on.

Access the CSSS

1. Launch an Internet browser.
2. Access the CSSS by clicking on this link:
3. The CSSS landing page opens.


4. If necessary, select a language from the language drop-down list located at the bottom of the CSSS site. The CSSS language defaults to English.


Create or Reset a Password

Users who are signing in to the CSSS from the landing page for the first time must create a password.

To create or reset a password for the CSSS:

1. Click the Reset Password link located in the upper right corner of the CSSS site to open the Reset Password screen. 


2. Enter the same email address associated with the MCi account (found in the user’s TRACK Personal Information page) in the Email textbox.

Please note that information associated with the TRACK Personal Information page will not be reflected if users enter an email address different from the one originally used for the MCi account.


3. Click the Submit button.


4. A link will be sent to the provided email address to set the password. Click on the Set a new password link to open the Change password screen.


5. Enter a new password in the New Password textbox on the Change password screen.

The password:
• Must be at least 5 characters
• Must be fewer than 128 characters
• Must be different from email address


6. Click the Change password button. A new password will be sent to the email account.


Sign In to Access the CSSS

1. Click the Sign in link in the upper right corner of the screen to open the sign-in screen.


2. Enter an email address in the Email text box.

3. Enter a password in the Password text box.


4. Click the Sign In button to sign in to the CSSS site.




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